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Lardal in Norway Lardal municipality coat of arms


277,6 km2

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Lardal municipality has approximately 2.500 inhabitants and covers a area of 277,6 km2. Lardal is known for great nature and wildlife experiences, and can offer activities such as salmon-fishing, skiing, adventure trips and more that will make your holiday something special.


The river Lågen is Norway’s second longest river. From the western part of Hardangervidda – the highest mountain plateau in Europe – the river runs through the Numedalen valley to the town of Larvik. The lower part of the valley is called Lågendalen. In the upper regions there are a number of hydroelectric power plants. Downstream from Hvittingfoss, however, the river runs wild, constantly changing from quiet parts to rapids and waterfalls, through the natural and cultural landscape. This is the salmon-bearing stretch of the river.


Situated in one of the most spectacular sceneries of Lågendalen you find the Kjærra Waterfalls Park. The Park, covering areas on both sides of the river, derives its name from the famous Kjærra Waterfalls, where the river splits into two separate courses: the eastern falls and the western falls.

This area, designated as The Millennium Site of Lardal municipality, is now being developed into one of the more fascinating recreational areas of southern Norway. On the west bank, land has been purchased and safeguarded for recreational purposes by Lardal municipality with financial aid from the Directorate of Nature Management. A separate foundation has been established for the purpose of developing the area with special emphasis on protecting the environment.

A new road and parking place has been built, greatly improving access for the public in general and for the handicapped in particular. This site has been nominated for national awards for recreational areas several times after having won the county awards. The biggest project completed so far is the new pedestrian bridge. As the construction started in the year 2000 it was not surprisingly named the Millennium Bridge. Completed in 2001 it was formally opened by the County Governor of Vestfold. Like its London counterpart this bridge represents an architectural innovation in the construction of bridges and has created interest across the world. It is a wooden bridge with a free span of 90 meters. The beams are made of laminated wood strengthened by cigar-shaped laminated wood stress-rods held in place by steel tension cables.

There are two natural amphitheatres in the area, one on each side of the river. Both are popular venues for concerts; on the east bank the Vestfold Music Festival annually hosts a concert focussing mainly on traditional and modernized folk music; on the west bank some of Norway’s most popular rock bands attract large audiences in late night concerts in August.

On this part of the river – within the Park area – you will find the largest concentration of traditional salmon fishing equipment in Norway. Through centuries of experience, traps and nets of various shapes have been carefully adapted to the special conditions of the river with its waterfalls and currents.

The most famous trap is the Kjærra Fishing dating back to medieval times, the earliest recording of its existence being 1388 A.D. The trap consists of three big piers between two of which the wooden trap is situated. After having jumped the falls, some of the salmon are caught in the trap. At 6 p.m. every Thursday during the summer (June 15 through August 30) the salmon is landed - to the ovation of hundreds of spectators. In 1999 this fish trap was awarded “Olavsrosa”, the diploma of Norwegian Cultural Heritage.


Svarstad Skicenter lies in beatiful Lågendalen. Svarstad Skicenter has 7 tracks for all types of skiing, including cross country, alpine and Telemark, plus snowboard. Special skiing facility for children.


Several places along the river - both within the Park and outside - anglers may obtain fishing permits. This is the salmon-bearing stretch of the Lågen river.


Golf in Vestfold.