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Åseral in Norway Åseral municipality coat of arms


887,5 km2

Åseral Local Directory

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Åseral muncipality has approximately 950 inhabitants and covers a area of 887,5 km2. The administrative center is the village of Kyrkjebygda. This mountain village in the upper reaches of the Mandalen valley has large moorlands offering a wide variety of outdoor activities. Sosteli, an ancient farm with the remains of houses and burial mounds from the dark ages, lies close to the village of Kyrkjebygda in the centre of the district. In July, you can see the annual "Bygdeutstillinga", a large fair with traditional handicrafts and professional works of art. In Åseral there are various types of family accommodation.


Settlement from the dark ages. House sites, burial mounds, charcoal kiln hollows, stone cairns. Excavated 1946-1949. One of Norway's best preserved sites from this epoch. Tours ar ranged via the Tourist Office.


A 46 metres high concrete dam. The Juvanns reservoir holds 142 million cubic metres of water. The water passes through five powerstations before it reaches the sea. There is a magnificent view from the dam and a fine drive up to it. It is possible to reach the dam most of the year, all day long. In the winter it is difficult to get through because of the snow and icy roads.


Pleasant little gallery with paintings, woodcuts and linocuts by the artist Inge Bye. Open during the summer.


At Tveit (toward.s Flystveit). Bake bread in old wood fired ovens. Sale of home crafts.


Annual art and crafts exhibition. Tradition and innovation hand in hand. The exhibition comprises wood carvings, weaving, rose painting, ceramics, graphics, paintings and more. Special events will be staged in connection with the exhibition, including concerts and trips.


Great places to swim are found everywhere in Åseral! Storehylen and Lislehylen are right beside Åseral Town Hall, and is the most visited bathing spot in the district. Other good places to swim are in the potholes at Kylland and Amland, Egsavatn lake and Sandvann lake, by Juvatn lake, by Skjerkabroen bridge and at Kyrkjeodden in Åknes.


Åseral Fishing Administration (ÅFA) now sell a common fishing permit for most of the rivers in the municipality. Areas which are not covered by ÅFA are the Egsa river and lake Sandvall (the river Kosana) and Ljosland. Fishing permits can be bought at Åseral Reiselivskontor.