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582,0 km2

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The municipality of Gaular stretches from the area around the inner part of the Dalsfjord eastwards along the course of the Gaula up to the Gaulafjell. The Gaula river and the valley through which it runs are central in the municipality. Gaular has a total area of 582,0 km2 and a population of approximately 2.800.

Bygstad, Sande and Viksdalen are the three parish centres. Sande is the municipal centre with nursing and old people´s home, town hall, school, church, stadium, tavern & hotel, bank and post office. Bygstad and Viksdalen have grocery shop, filling station, bank and school.

Førde Airport, Bringeland is situated about 10 km north of the centre. Agriculture is the largest and most important source of income. The Stateprotected Gaular watercourse flows through the entire municipality and is a standing invitation for many to try their luck at fishing.

Førde and Gaular is the Waterfall Country. Along the Gaular watercourse you will see 29 larger waterfalls on the stretch from Gaularfjellt mountains and Haukedalen to Osen in Bygstad. There is no other place where you´ll find so many waterfalls in such a limited area, and so easily accessible. There are several, Huldefossen at Moskog and Laukelandsfossen in Dalsfjorden that are worth a visit.

We have an environment here that is flourishing with a wide diversity of outdoor and cultural activities. In the short space of an hour, you are able to experience the typical Western Norwegian landscape with fjords, mountains, waterfalls and glaciers.


Fossevegen is the stretch from the Gaularfjellet mountains and the Rørvikfjellet mountains down towards Sande and Dalsfjorden. Here you drive right up to all of the largest falls, and a good deal of this magnificent awe-inspiring waterfall scenery is visible from your car. Four of the most splendid waterfalls are signposted as attractions. At Vallestadfossen, Eikjelandfossen and Osfossen there are parking areas. Huldefossen, at Mo Agriculture school a cultural walk.


Fossestien is a marked and prepared path that winds from Gaularfjellet mountains to Viksdalen along Eldalsdalen, 23 km in length with a gradient of 500 ms. The path follows old trails that have been stamped by livestock and people. Along the way you will see 14 larger waterfalls and 7 lakes. Here you will really feel the presence of the river, the power of the cascading falls in a contrasting landscape. The paths are uneven, so you must use sturdy footwear.


In Gaular, you are able to hunt small game and venison. Certain property owners sell hunting licences.


Gaular Watercourse is considered one of the best fishing areas in Western Norway with more than 50 trout fishing lakes. Salmon may be fished on the stretch between Bygstad and Sande. Fishing licences may be purchased from accommodation, shops, petrol stations. The salmon fishing licence may be purchased at Døskeland Cottages and Sande Kro & Hotel. Most farms around the watercourse may hire out rowboats.

Rørvik Mountain, the trail with the fascinating stone walls and a marvellous view over Haukedalen an Eldorado for trout fishermen.