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Årdal in Norway Årdal municipality coat of arms


976,4 km2

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Årdal municipality has approximately 5.560 inhabitants and covers a area of 976,4 km2. The municipal centre are Årdalstangen. Utladalen Landscape Protection Area was established in 1980. It covers an area of approx 300 km2, mainly located in Årdal municipality. Utladalen, Norway's deepest valley, extends from the Årdalsfjord into the heart of Jotunheimen. The main valley is 40 km long, surrounded by some 50 peaks more than 2,000 meteres high. Converging on the main valley are some 20 hanging valleys, all ending in waterfalls several hundred meters high. As a natural monument, the area is considered unique not only nationally, but world-wide.

Årdal is a modern industrial community, with ties to the old society of farming and fishing. It is surrounded by dramatic nature with high mountains and waterfalls. The climate is rather mild and with less rain than normal in the west part of Norway. Årdal is a good starting point to explore the wild nature of Jotunheimen National Park, and with summer and winter activities within its boundaries. The Vettisfossen waterfall (highest in Norway) is located within the municipality.


Avdalen Farm is located in magnificent scenery on the mountain side above the beautiful Avdalsfossen waterfall in Utladalen. Farming began here in the 16. century. Abandoned not too many years ago, the farm has now been restored for use by tourists. The mill is still in use.


The first positive information on Vetti Farm dates back to 1120. This smallholding is located in the heart of Jotunheimen, surrounded by the dramatic scenery of Utladalen. There is a good road from Hjelle to the farm. From there, 30 minutes on foot to Vettisfossen waterfall.


In the 18. century, the Danish King established a copper mine and smeltery in Årdal. The original mine house stands in the centre of Årdalstangen.


This monument in Øvre Årdal commemorates the "rallars", or navvies, and their contribution to the industrial development of the community.


A showcase of local history, this old settlement on the fjord contains 10 buildings, including a mill, sawmill, wharfside shed and farmhouses from the last century, offering a glimpse of the beginnings of the industrialisation era in Årdal. A living museum. Meals and guided tours from June to August, or by appointment.


Årdal Church concecrated in 1867, is the municipality's oldest church, erected on the foundations of a 13. century stave church. It is a pre-gothic style, wooden building, incorporating elements of the old stave churches.


Vettisfossen is North Europe's highest waterfall, with a free drop of 275 meters. Start your trip from the parking area at Hjelle and follow the "People's Road" to Vetti. From there, a footpath leads to the waterfall. The trip takes approx 1,5 - 2 hours.


Årdal is the western gateway to the Jotunheimen National Park. Established i 1980, the national park covers parts of the municipalities of Lom, Vågå, Luster, Årdal and Vang. It is Norway's largest national park with an area of over 1,100 sq. km, and includes the country's highest peaks, surrounded by glaciers, river valleys and waterfalls. Jotunheimen contains fascinating geological, botanical and faunal features. Skiing opportunities all year. This is one of Norway's most popular trekking areas.


Europe's longest and deepest fjord, stretching 200 kilometers inland from the coast. Join a cruise from Årdalstangen to see the Sognefjord.


School building dating back to 1918 in Øvre Årdal town square. Distinctive architecture. Exhibitions.


Sognefjorden is the largest and most well known fjord in Norway and the third longest in the world (behind the Scoresby Sund and Greely Fiord). Because the other two fjords are often ice-covered, the Sognefjorden is the longest open (ice-free) fjord in the world. Located in Sogn & Fjordane, it stretches 205 kilometres inland from the ocean to the small village of Skjolden, width 4.5 kilometres and depth 1,308 metres. The fjord takes its name from the traditional district of Sogn, which covers the southern part of the county.


Hydro Aluminium Årdal, Metallverket, one of Europe's first aluminium plants. The company was established to take advantage of the hydro-electric power plants in the respective villages to create aluminum plants.Group tours by appointment.

MOUNTAINS over 2.000 Meters

Store Skagastølstind 2.405 metres, Uranostind 2.157 metres, Store Ringstind 2.124 metres, Stølsnostind 2.074 metres, Falketind 2.067 metres, Stølsnostind 2.074 and Stølsmaradalstind 2.026 metres.


Open during the summer only, this road to Turtagrø connects Årdal to the Sognefjell road. Take this opportunity to see some splendid scenery from your car. Not suited for buses. Toll road.

Guided mountain walking/climbing by appointment with "Vest Jotunheimen Fjellføring".

Indre Ofredal, old fjord community on the Sognefjord. Road from Årdalstangen to Indre Ofredal, 17 km. Guide, activities and meals available.


Horseriding in Seimsdalen.


Cruises on the inner parts of the Sognefjord. Årdalstangen - Indre Ofredal - Kaupanger. Boat trip with magnificent sights to see, including the fjord and steep mountains, visits to places of historical interest.


Øvre Årdal and Årdalstangen, Swimming-pool, 50 meters, Øvre Årdal and 25 meters, Årdalstangen. Also smaller pools suitable for families with young children.


Årdal Hunting and Fishing Association offer trout fishing in mountain lakes and streams all the year round. Sea trout fishing permitted from 1 Jul - 30 September. Fishing licences available from sports dealers, campsites and the tourist information office.


Goldclubs in Sogn & Fjordane.