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Samnanger in Norway Samnanger municipality coat of arms


269,1 km2

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Samnanger municipality has a population of around 2,500 inhabitants and covers a area of 269,1 km2. The centre of the township is Tysse. It is only a 45 minute drive to Bergen centre, so many choose to work in Bergen and live in the rural beauty of Samnanger. Samnanger - with its coat of arms illustrating six rain drops - has many fine waterfalls. The most popular of these is Fossen Bratte, also known as "Brudesløret" or the bridal veil, because of its unique shape. Down the banks of the fjord, you will find friendly guesthouses, cafes or you can even spend your holiday on a farm. If you are a keen salmon fisher, Tysse river is the place for you. Visit the SAFA sock factory to take home a real souvenir of Samnanger.

During the winter, visitors and locals flock to the excellent ski slopes at Eikedalen, where the great range of downhill and cross-country slopes caters for all ages and skills. Eikedalen and the rest of the mountain range in Samnanger provide excellent walking both in spring, summer and autumn.


On the drive to Kvam on road no. 7, you can get a good view of Fossen Bratte from the road. This magnificent waterfall is also known as "The bridal veil" due to its unique shape. Fossen Bratte is now protected and is normally very powerful. Above the waterfall is a stone monument to the battles fought in April 1940 between German soldiers and a Norwegian resistance made up of sportsmen belonging to marksmen clubs. Many lost their lives in the battle by Fossen Bratte - the exact number is not known. Fossen Bratte is around an 8 km drive from Tysse on road no. 7 to Nordheimsund.


The small, open hut on the islet of Notaholmen near the inner banks of the Samnangerfjord stands as a memorial to the days when the people of these parts rowed out to go fishing. They would return to Notaholmen to hang out their nets to dry and for repair. It was of great advantage to hang out the nets where the mice and rats could not get at them. You will see Notaholmen from road no. 7, just before you reach Bjørkheim Gjestetun.


Today, Tysse is the centre of Samnanger township / municipality, and is a very special village. The village was founded in 1886 when Samnanger wool factory started up production. In little more then ten years, Tysse was transformed from peaceful farming land to a bustling little village. The factories of Samnanger are still operating today, and you can visit the factory sale at Norway's largest sock factory, SAFA.


The power station from 1912 with its transmission line on the north bank of Frølandsvatnet lake is a magnificent monument to power stations of that time. There is a memorial for those who lost their lives during the construction of the power stations in Samnanger.


Samnanger Church in Ådland was founded in 1851. See the information board at the church for opening hours.


Haga Chapel in Haga was founded in 1995.


Fjord Fly A.S provides a varied range of plane and helicopter services. You can choose from the range of specified routes, or choose your own itinerary. Sea planes seat 5 persons.


The countryside of Samnanger is very varied, providing the opportunity for all ages and fitness to enjoy the outdoors. A map showing many different itineraries is on sale from Tourist Information in Samnanger and in Os.


Eikedalen Skisenter is located 55 km from downtown Bergen, a drive that takes only 45 minutes. The ski resort is situated at Kvamskogen, which is the major starting point for skiers in the area in winter. The ski resort has 1 chairlift and 6 surface lifts. The skiing area offers 12 runs of varying difficulty, and has night skiing from 17.00 to 21.00 in the high season.


Salmon and sea trout in the Tysse river, sale of fishing lisence at the Spar shop on Tysse quay. You will find trout in most lakes. To date, fishing in lake has been free of charge, but you must always contact the landowner first to request permission.


Golfclubs in Hordaland.