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Kvam in Norway Kvam municipality coat of arms


615,9 km2

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Kvam the rural district in Hardanger. Kvam lies on the northwest side of the Hardangerfjord, with a beautiful view of Folgefonna, Norway´s third largest glacier. Kvam has approximately 9.000 inhabitants and a area of 615,9 km2 lies in Hordaland. The district centree is Norheimeund, Øystese, Ålvik and Strandebarm. In the district of Kvam, there are three hotels, several guest houses, and a large number of cabins for rent along the fjord and at Kvamskogen. You will always find a place to stay for an exciting vacation in Kvam.


Norheimsund is the administrative and service centre in Kvam. This is the meeting point for boat routes. Kvam received an award for its work restoring the shore front in Norheimsund. There is a new dock for visiting boats, a nicely decorated promenade along the docks and lots of parking space.

The historical Sandven Hotel is a part of this shoreline. The hotel in "Swiss dragon style" architecture, its surrounding buildings and an old courthouse make a very special historical setting in the centre of town. From the town centre you can take a walk along Mo lake to the famous Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, especially well-known for its path behind the falls, or you can visit Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter, a national centre for the restoration of wooden boats.

Norheimsund guest pier centrally located. Capacity 50 boats. Diesel, electricity, water, shower and toilets.

Strandebarm harbours with pier at Bakka. Water and power supply.

Øystese guest harbour, 200 metres from village city. Boat yard, slipway and repairing possibilities. Diesel in the harbour, contact Esso.

Ålvik harbour for smaller boats just by Ålvik Autoscenter, and by public beach. Water and electricity in the harbour.


Hardanger Fartøyverncenter is located in Norheimsund. One out of three national centres for restoration of old wooden vessels. Vital museum where you as guest can observe how they restore boats. Collection of boats exhibition, slide show cafe and library. The famous old Hardanger yacht "Mathilde" built in 1884 takes bookings / trips for companies or other groups. As an individual you can join one of her coaetal cruises.


Steinsdalsfossen waterfall (also called Øvsthusfossen or Øfsthusfossen) is a waterfall 2 kilometers west of Norheimsund by route 7. One of the best known and photographed waterfalls of the country, where you can walk under and behind the waterfall. Steinsdalsfossen waterfall is about 50 meters high and is greatest when the snow melts in May and June. Steinsdalsfossen waterfall is part of the Fosselva river that spring from the water Myklavatn 814 meters above sea level. Stone monument astrophysicist Svein Roseeland.


The old road, constructed 1908, 5 km from Norheimsund carved into the mountain side along the steep Tokagjel between Steinsdalen and Kvamskogen. The road is free from cars, as the main road is going through tunnels. Excellent photo safari.


This is a very beautiful village on the fjord with a hotel, a guest house, and two small shopping centres. You can visit the Ingebrigt Vik Museum and the Storeteigen country museum. Øystese has been chosen as the millennium centre for Hordaland County with the theme, "national romanticism". Having Øystese as your base, you can follow three "walks" - Fitjadalen with a historical trail, Børvemarka and Skårsvatnet (the goldfish lake). Sjusete ski centre is a good starting point for walks in the mountains during the summer as well as in the winter. In the area around Øystese you will find many picturesquely located cabins for rent.


This village is on route 49, south-west towards Rosendal, and is known for its especially fine scenery. Strandebarm has a long traditions for boatbuilding, shipping and marine activities. Today, Fjellstrand boat building yard is the modern successor of this tradition. Near Strandebarm you will also find several fish farms which produce salmon and sea trout, and a processing plant for fish products. The village has a hotel, many cabins for rent and shops for your everyday needs.


Kinck house is located in Strandebarm. Old house in Swiss style. Home of the author Hans E. Kinck. Just by route 49. His father Theodor, was a doctor and skilled photographer. Later the sculptor and wood-carver Johannes Tvedt and the painter Frida Rusti lived in the house. Works and articles from theese persons are exhibited in the house.


A building from the new classicism (abt 1920) and is now part of a reguleted living area of Ålvik. Most of the houses in Ålvik are built in the same period by architect Nicolai Bleer. The museum building shows two typical workers dwellings, one of the apartments with interior from 1920, the other one from 1950. Exhibition room presenting the early industrial operation of Ålvik. Open Fridays in July and August.


One of the few sculpture museums of Norway. The collection is exhibited in an attractive, octagonal building in the centre of Øystese, and contains almost all the works of Ingebrigt Vik (1867-1927). Vik is appraised as one of the greatest sculptors of Norway, and has for instance made Ynglingen and the Edvard Grieg statue in Bergen. You will also find some of his best works in other Norwegian and foreign art galleries.


Kvam Bygdemuseum is located in Øystese. Buildings from the 17th century to abt 1920. The interior is mainly from medio 19th century to abt 1920, but the collection also contains some older objects. The museum has also a furniture workshop in oparation to abt 1930. Baking and sale of "krotakake" on certain days during the summer season. June 18th - Aug 26th the museum is open every day between 12:00 and 16:00 except Mondays.


Borgstova at Vikøy vicarage is also known as the "Tidemandroom" becouse the famous painter Adolph Tidemand lived here by several occations. Here he found inspiration for many of his well known works, such as "Haugianerne". The main room has interior from medio 1800 and in the neighbouring fire house "krotakaker" (local thin wafer crispbread) are being baked certain days. The school museum lies next to Vikøy church and Borgstova. The schoolhouse is dating back from 1886, and was used until 1960. The interior is from 1930 were one can see aquipment and books.


Or Skårsvatnet, 5 km from Øytese direction Porsmyr / Fyksesund. It gets its name from the colour of the fish, gullfiskvederbuk, imported from the Congo and stocked into the little lake in 1914 by doctor Klaus Hansen and Munch Søegeard. This fish is a rare specie in Europe. Ideal for picnic. Bathing facilities and good parking conditions.


Two sitee by route 49 towards Strandebarm, 9 km from Norheimsund. One site with several Viking ships about 3.000 years old. Easily accsesible on foot with a path leading down to the fjord from the car perk. A beautiful carved deer at Bjelkanes near Fyksesund, 7 km to the east of Øystese near route 7. More carvings may be studied from the fjord. A smaller carving of ships in Vikehelleren at Sogestien in Fitjadalen.


Finished 1876. New-Gothic architecture with a beautiful altar piece painted in 1690. Several pieces from the old stave church in Strandebarm.


Designed by the royal architect Lindstow. Finished 1838 in empire style. The altar piece from 1633 is in renaissance style, originating from the old stave church.


Finished by voluntery communal work in 1983. Beautiful altar piece in stone from the area. The altar piece symbolises the Resurrektion and is made by Audun Storaas.


Finished 1868. In neo gothic style deeigned by architect Erichsen. Beautiful glass paintings. Roed church.


Finished in 1862. Built in concrete, covered by wood and bricks. Altar piece painted by Terje Grøstad from Telemark.


Aktiven Skiheis, 2 ski tows of 800 m with 4 slopes. 1 ski tow of 200 m with 2 slopes. 1 children’s ski tow of 100 j with one downhill slope. This is a family friendly ski domain on Kvamskogen and our target market is family/children and everyone that hasn’t tried skiing at all or just a little bit. There is a large area to relax for the families / children when they want to relax from the slopes. One can also find a nice ski tow for children, a large lavo under construction which will be used for selling / barbequing etc., pretty easy skiing slopes, but a great variety and possibilities. There are also snow canons which are ready to be used when it gets colder.

Eikedalen Skisenter is situated just by Kvamskogen, which is the most popular winter destination for people from Bergen. From the old times Eikedalen is known to be a place where you are certain to find snow during the winter, especially during February and March. The short travel distance from Bergen, makes Eikedalen Skisenter a perfect place to go skiing in the evening. During the season it is open every night from Tuesday to Friday, from 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Totally there are 5 flood-lit slopes and 5 ski tows running. The different slopes consist of slopes in all levels of difficulty and an open and a varied terrain offers great off-piste possibilities.

Furedalen Alpin and Kvamskogen Skieldorado

In Furedalen there are 2 large ski tows, each on 950 metres and a children’s ski tow supervised in a protected area. Total capacity is 3050 people per hour. There are 6 alpine slopes which are altogether 7,7 km long and has different levels of difficulty. There are 205 metres from the top to the large ski tows. You find the highest skiing possibility at 575 metres above sea level. There is a flod lit slope on the left side. In addition to alpine, you can use snowboard and telemark ski. For the children there is a sledging hill. There is a Ski Pub and a house to get warm which is open when the alpine slopes in Furedalen are open. You can hire skis – both alpine and telemark, and snowboards. Ski school for children and adults during the weekends and holidays with altogether 8 experienced ski instructors. There is a large parking lot by the main road. We have 20 snow canons to put snow in the ski tow areas on both right and left slopes.

During the winter when there is enough snow, there are about 60 km of cross country ski tracks prepared in Kvamskogen Skieldorado. Most of the tracks has a starting point from the large parking lots. You will find for example ski tracks that lead to Mødal (Negerlandsbyen), Kvitingen, to Steinskvanndalen and to Byrkjesete. Except from these there are many tracks prepared so that the access to the chalets situated there.

Sjusete Skisenter is an area for cross country skiing, ski shooting and exercising. Sjusete is situated approximately 300 metres above sea level and 5 km from Norheimsund. The snow conditions are stable and very little affected by the wind. At Sjusete there are facilities such as toilets, cloakrooms and a kiosk where you can also get warm. There is also an area for ski games with an organised ski game one evening during the week. The ski tracks are just by a parking lot with approximately 100 parking spaces.


Lower part of the Steinsdals River and the Mo Lake, Norheimsund. Season: July-September. Wild salmon fishing is not permitted. Fishing permits available at Mo Sport. Inland fishing in Fitjadal Lake is free of charge, for remaining areas a permit is required. The Hamlagrø area – fishing permit required. Permits can be purchased at Hardanger Bil, and fishing permits for Øystese can be obtained in the eastern part of Fitjadalen (Picnic area by the Fitjadal Lake, suitable for wheelchairs. Excellent fishing opportunities, BBQ and toilet facilities. For boat hire, please contact Hardanger Bil) and Hamlagrø (Lie & Blåkoll). Kvamskogen, fishing permits available at NAF Kro & Camping and Jonshøgdi Fjellstove. Krokavatn-area Norheimsund, fishing permits available at Mo Sport, Norheimsund. Strandebarm area: fishing permits available at Strandebarm Samvirkelag. Tørvikbygd area: fishing permits available at Tørvikbygd Handelslag. Fjord fishing: the picnic area at Steinstøberget (Route 7 between Øystese and Ålvik) has been specially prepared for fjord fishing.


Hardanger Golfclub is a golf course with 6 holes. The course lies approximately 1 hour drive from Bergen.