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Hemsedal in Norway Hemsedal municipality coat of arms


753,5 km2

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Hemsedal is part of the traditional region of Hallingdal. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Trøym. Hemsedal is the second largest ski resort in Norway. Hemsedal´s economy is based on agriculture and tourism. The Hemsedal Bygdetun is located at Øvre Løkji in the village of Ulsåk. The museum has houses and artifacts from the first part of the 18th century and all the way to modern times. The farm is located in the middle of an agricultural landscape formed by old methods. The Rjukandefossen waterfall is located in the village Tuv. During every autumn, winter and part of spring tourists travel to Hemsedal for skiing.

In the summer, Hemsedal offers a great deal of activities such as hiking, climbing, mountain walking, mountain biking, paragliding, and fishing. Hemsedal´s close proximity to Sognefjord in Grøndalen with its beautiful mountain landscapes, a wide range of activities and two golf courses have also given summer tourism a rise.

From the museum farm Øvre Løkji, there are several trails up into the mountains. Hemsedal muncipality offers a wide range of activities, whether you are alone in the wilds or in an organised group. Hemsedal´s location in the heart of the Norwegian mountains, not far from western Norway´s fjords, means that a holiday here can include a great variety of activities if you decide to make use of the many available opportunities. No matter where you choose to stay, you´ll discover idyllic little places to which you´ll always long to return, places you will later only be able to see in your mind´s eye.

Winter in Hemsedal municipality is exciting, the winter activities are many and the skiing season is long. Hemsedal is an El Dorado for people who enjoy alpine or cross country skiing. On behalf of the people of Hemsedal, we would like to wish you a happy holiday in "the Scandinavian Alps"!

Hemsedal is a small town where tourism and agriculture are the principal industries. Their are approximately 2.500 inhabitants and a area of 753,5 km2 in Buskerud, but during the tourist season the population is swollen by visitors from countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Holland and the UK. One of the first tourists in Hemsedal was the famous Norwegian polar explorer Fritjof Nansen who visited in 1898 and stayed at the Bjøberg Fjellstue. Today Hemsedal is a popular destination where Hemsedal Skisenter is the main attraction. Most of the tourists come to Hemsedal in winter season, because Hemesedal is a World-class Alpine skiing resort.

Hemsedal has a nickname "Skandinavian Alpes". Hemsedal Skisenter was opened in Holdeskaret in 1961. The first piste was Tottenløypa. Pist preparation was done by volunteers until 1968. In 1983 opened the first chairlift, Olaheisen. Solheisen is a couple of lifts located in Grøndalen. Both skisenters were bought by Skistar. Skistar also owns Trysil skisenter, Sälen and Åre, Vemedalen and Hammarbybacken in Sweden. Hemsedals cross-country stadium is located at Gravset. There are 10 km of lighted trails from Gravset. A starting point for a vast network of trails to Lykkja and Gol.


Hallingdal is one of the major valleys of eastern Norway, on an area of 5,830 square kilometers. Hallingdal lies in the northern part of the county of Buskerud. The valley stretches from Gulsvik by Lake Krøderen to the border with Hordaland and Sogn & Fjordane.

Central to the geography is relatively flat mountain area which lies from 700 to 1100 meters above sea level. The valley is V-shaped and is drained by the Hallingdal River (Hallingdalsvassdraget) which originates in the western parts of Hardangervidda and flows eastwards later southwards through Hallingdal.

Hallingdal valley consists of six municipalities: Flå, Nes, Gol, Hemsedal, Ål and Hol (Geilo).


You´ll feel like you´re in the Alps when you arrive in Hemsedal, where the mountains are high and wild. Hemsedal and Gol form together a complete skiing arena. It´s only 30 km or a 30-minute drive between the two villages, with 9 bus connections a day. Gol is a paradise for cross-country skiers with many machine-prepared tracks in varied terrain and marked trails high up in the mountains for keen skiers.


Their faces give them away. (Grown-ups don´t just come here to keep their children happy, they have just as good a time themselves. Not least, they like seeing that their children can experience unspoiled, beautiful scenery and that they can be around animals which they can hold and pet. Or how about taking a ride down a water slide in a tropical waterpark, reeling in a mountain trout or experiencing traditional mountain diary life? Being able to stay at one place the entire vacation and having access to a host of activities and outdoor experiences means that you are on holiday 100%.


Some of us like a summer holiday full of peaceful natural beauty, while others can´t relax until their pulse hits 120. Gol and Hemsedal offer both. Driving motorcross and go-carts, climbing mountains, playing tennis, floating on air in a hangglider or plunging down a downhill slopes on an off-road bike are sure to get the adrenaline flowing. But sitting by a picturesque mountain lake is also exciting. Especially when the bobber begins to vibrate and disappears into the depths with a great big fish on the end of the hook. Regardless of what your preferences are in the way of exciting challenges.


Century-old log buildings, turfed roofs, stave churches, mountain dairies, the Halling hat dance and local Hallingdal foods. Genuine experiences that stimulate all senses. Gol and Hemsedal are living proof that old traditions can successfully co-exist with modern society. In Gol and Hemsedal, mountain dairying with cheese making and churning are still part of community life. The whole family is welcome to learn more about regional culture and traditions - and perhaps even take part in some of it, yourself. Few summer experiences are more highly valued by adults and children than a working mountain farm full of animals.


You are really high up in the mountains when you sit on top of one of Gol and Hemsedal´s stunning peaks. But only 80 kilometres away on the other side of the purple mountains, lie the beautiful fjords of Western Norway. The trip takes approximately 1 1/2 hours, and passes through some of the most beautiful landscape Norway has to offer. You cannot fail to be impressed by waterfalls, glaciers and salmon rivers. You will also see cultural treasures with roots dating back 1.000 years. For a very special trip by train, try the exhilarating and scenic Flåm Railway. Also exciting is a cycling trip with off-road bikes along Navvy Road. Here you will see beautiful scenery at every turn. What else can you expect when nature hurls itself 1.000 metres straight down into the deepest fjords.


Rjukandefossen is a double waterfall of approximately 18 metres located in the vicinity of the village Tuv. The Rjukandefoss receives water from Mørkedøla which is a catchment for much of the melting snow in the Hemsedal fell. A suspension bridge is located about 50–100 metres after the waterfall, which can be used to cross the river.

Hydnefossen waterfall is the 29 th highest waterfall in Norway and the highest in Buskerud and it lies at Hornset. Hydnefossen waterfall starts with a fall of 155 meters and then continues down the steep slope to the bottom of the valley.


Hemsedal is known as one of Scandinavia´s largest ski resorts, and has mountains that resembles those further south in Europe. Hemsedal is very snow-secure from November to May, and is a modern ski resort with express chairlifts, snowboard parks and designated areas for children/ beginners. The skiing area stretches from an altitude of 625 to 1.920 metres.

Hemsedal offers high quality accommodation, from large, well-equipped chalets to intimate hotels. A wide variety of activities is available, including dog sledding, horse-drawn sleigh rides and snow scooter rental. 130 km of prepared cross-country tracks, and 80 km of marked mountain trails are available for Nordic skiing.


A rich variety of activities are available, including good trout fishing in rivers and lakes.


Hemsedal Golf Alpin is a demanding 18 holes course.

Hemsedal Golfclub is a exciting 9 hole course. Both courses lies approximately 10 km outside Hemsedal City center at Grøndalen. The river Grøndøla runs through the course.

The courses are there for everyone who wants to enjoy both of these pleasures at the same time. It is really a special experience to stand in the middle of beautiful mountains in search of the perfect swing. The courses have both driving ranges and equipment rental. You are most welcome to golf here regardless of your handicap. And we promise you - your strokes have never before reached such heights: the courses are situated 500 and 730 metres above sea level!