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Panorama picture from Larvik Municipality in Norway


The poet Herman Wildenvey was born 20th July 1885 at Portåsen. "Raised but not born at Portåsen" as he later expressed. Allthough a lot of his inspirations stems from his childhood at Portåsen. Herman married Gisken, born Jonette Kramer Andreassen, in Oslo the 4th February 1912.

The couple settled in the coastal town of Stavern in 1923 were they buildt their new home - Hergisheim in 1927. Herman Wildenvey was a hard working poet and most of his writings after 1927 has been done at his home called Hergisheim (Hermangiskenheim) or translated: The home of Hermann and Gisken. They lived here for the rest of their lives.

Today the "Hergisheim" is owned by Wildenveys daughter Hanna. She has layed down a considerable jobb taking care of her parents stately home, for future generations. Both his birthplace Portåsen and home Hergisheim, can be visited on prior arrangements.