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Panorama picture from Larvik Municipality in Norway


A few minute's drive south lies the the happy little summer town of Stavern, a pearl full of life and laughter the whole season. Stavern is an artistic town with a plethora of galleries and exhibitions. On Citadell island just off the coast, generations of artists have painted, sketched or sculpted the beautiful skerry landscape, whilst poets have waxed Iyrical, for there is enough of inspiration. Herman Wildenvey spent many years of his life in Stavern, and to day seminars about this well loved poet, as well as poetry readings, are arranged.

Summer time bubbles with life in "Norway's Smile", which Wildenvey dubbed the town. "Happy Days" is an arrangement with a multivarious programme. There are light entertainments, theatre and concerts dedicated to the honour and happiness of the thousands of boating and motoring tourists who stop off for a time in summer Stavern. Arriving from the sea you will see the pyramid shaped Hall of Remembrance, our national war memorial to fallen Norwegian seamen, a landmark you can look out for.