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Panorama picture from Larvik Municipality in Norway


Nevlunghavn brings peace of mind. Here the open sea meets the little fishing town which has managcd to preserve its' original character. Nevlunghavn has has been placed on the United Nations list of places worthy of preservation. The little harbour has its' own hostelry with good food, accommodation and a very special atmosphere. It has its' own fish delivery, (reception, where the fishermen deliver and sell their catch) with activity all year round and basic service in the summer.

You can sit on the jetty with a bag of fresh prawns, and with peace of mind savour the summeL Off the coast lies Bramskjæra, a small island kingdom and a skerry paradise for boating people. Immediately west of "Havna", which is the local name for the hamlet, you can find Oddane Sand camping.


Further west lies Mølen where the Vestfold Ra, the gigantic moraine from the ice age, meets the sea. Great stone mounds from the iron age have made Mølen famous. In addition the area has its' own unique nature, geology and botany.