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Panorama picture from Meløy Municipality in Norway


Svartisen Glacier covers an area of 375 square kilometres and is the Boroughs' biggest tourist attraction. The Glacier is Norways second largest. A branch of the Svartisen Glacier is the Engenbreen glacier which streches down towards Holandsfjord. Svartisen is also the lowest Iying glacier at the European mainland. Since the turn of the century the Glacier has been a tourist attraction for Norwegian and foreign tourists either travelling overland or as passengers on one of the many cruise liners which visit the fjord.

There is a panoramic view from the Svartisen Tourist Centre towards the Glacier on the opposite side of the lake "Engenbrevatnet". From here you can take part in guided walks on the Glacier and mountain walks. Canoes are available for hire and Glacier walking courses are arranged in coalition with the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association.