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Panorama picture from Meløy Municipality in Norway


From Forøy there is a car ferry, crossing about ten times daily to Ågskaret. The crossing takes about ten minutes. Ågskaret is the most southerly village in the Borough. It lies at the opening of Holandsfjord. At Ågvannet you will find a nice picnic area.

Engavågen is an active agricultural area with a widely spread population. As well as the road from Halsa, there is also a connection to Ørnes and the islands Bolga and Meløya by carferry from Vassdalsvik.

The community of Halsa lies between Holandsfjorden and Bjærangsfjorden. The landscape here is quite flat and, surprisingly, without the high mountains found elsewhere in the Borough. There are several lakes with fishing opportunities. At Halsa you will find the salmon farm of Torris Products Ltd, one of the largest in northern Norway.

The Halsa Church lies at the crossroads where the road to Engavågen branches off the coastroad. From here, the road continues to Åmøy and Grønøy.