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Panorama picture from Hadsel Municipality in Norway


Ten miles north of the town of Svolvær is a remarkable mini-fjord called Trollfjord. The entrance is 300 feet wide. The north wall is over 1,000 feet high, capped by ever-ascending mountain peaks that level off to form an ice field. The south wall is lower but meager only by comparison. The length of the glacial rent is a mile long and it opens up into a small round bay, maybe a half mile in circumference.

Inside the fjord, the boat will be able to idle so close to the mountain walls that you may literally reach out and touch them. The Coastal Steamer don't go into Trollfjord until most of the snow melts, becouse of Avalanches!

If this trip is made at night between the end of May and middle of July, you will be able to see the midnight sun. During the summer season, both the northbound and southbound Coastal Steamer ships pay a visit to the Trollfjord.

It was here in 1880 that the Battle of Trollfjord was fought - a physical clash between fishermen and industrial trawlers.