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Panorama picture from Stranda Municipality in Norway


Stranda municipality has a reputation for being a good place to grow up in. There is plenty of activity, work and leisure, making Stranda's four districts pleasant places. Sports clubs, alpin skiing centre, cross country slopes, rifle clubs, song and music groups, humanitarian and Christian organisations do good and varied work for children and adults.

The alpine fields at Strandafjell mountains are bound to be a pleasant surprise on your first visit! The sight of fjord scenery combined with mighty alpine mountains is enough to take anyones breath away. Incredibly beatiful and challenge, say people who have seen alpine complexes around the world. "Action to the extreme", is one comment, "Paradise on Earth", is another, - "with the fjord glistening far below you, it gives skiing pleasure a totally new dimension".

The alpine complex has 5 ski tows, 35 km thoroughly prepared slopes with a fall hight of up to 1000 metres. The slopes are floodlit in the evenings for alpine and cross-country skiing. Nevertheless the most exciting element is the magnificent unprepared area here you can choose your own run down the mountain slope.