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Panorama picture from Stranda Municipality in Norway


QR2 has set anchor within the magnificent confines of Geiranger Bay. Geiranger and its fjord are examples of Mother Earth at her most beautiful and impressive. Tourists have been overwhelmed by the beauty of this region since the arrival of the first cruise ship in 1869. In Geiranger, you will quite literally become part of nature. You will feel the spray from the waterfalls, you can visit the farms along the fjord and reach the 1500 m high Dalsnibba in 45 minutes. We would like you to get to know the nature, culture and history of this area. The arduous life lived by this close-knit community is in great contrast to our modern lifestyle.

Farms along the fjord

These farms are a testament both to man's ability to survive and to how a common destiny creates a sense of unity through thick and thin. History tells us of children and animals being tethered so they didn't fall over precipices. Of walking several miles to fetch the midwife or doctor. And of men blocking the paths when the tax man came. The last farm was vacated as recently as 1961.