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Restaurant Svalbard
Norway is well known for culinary temptations from the sea. Cafés, Pubs and excellent restaurants offer everything from simple and inexpensive to the most exquisite menus, including many Arctic specialities. Most people in Longyearbyen dress informally during the day, but often dress up when going to a restaurant. We recommend that you make reservations when planning to drink or eat at a restaurant.

 N A M E  A D D R E S S
 Funktionærmessen Restaurant  Longyearbyen  Longyearbyen
 Restaurant Nansen  Longyearbyen  Longyearbyen
 Huset  Longyearbyen  Longyearbyen
 Fruene Kaffé & Vinbar  Lompen Centre  Longyearbyen
 Kafé Busen  Lompen Centre  Longyearbyen
 Kroa  Longyearbyen  Longyearbyen
 Storgammen  Longyearbyen  Longyearbyen
 Kapp Linné  Innermost in Isfjorden  Isfjord
 PUB / BAR    
 Barents Pub  Radisson SAS Polar Hotel  Spitsbergen
 Funken Bar  Spitsbergen Hotel  Spitsbergen
 Karls-berger Pub  Lompen Centre  Longyearbyen
 Kroa Pub  Kroa  Longyearbyen
 Stuffen Bar  Huset  Longyearbyen