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 Hivjufossen waterfall

Hivjufossen waterfall lies in the river Hivju near Hovet. Hovet is a mountain village in Hol. Hivjufossen is a great sight, the whole waterfall is approximately 250 meters. There is a distinction between the upper and lower falls.

From RV 50 and below Bakke bridge there is a sign for the waterfall. From here it is 40 to 60 minute walk to the Hivjufossen. About halfway up to the waterfall, at Hivjudokkgrovi ther are remains of an old settlement.

The best time to visit the waterfall is springtime/early summer or in the fall. Most of the time Hivjufossen is also powerful in the summer but in a dry period the volume can be reduced.

Nearby the waterfall you will find Birkelund Camping, which is the perfect base for hiking in the area an to the Hivjusfossen.

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