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Egon Tower a rotating restaurant 74 metres (243 ft) above ground. The restaurant floor revolves at a comfortable one full turn an hour, giving guests a panoramic view of Trondheim from all directions. The tower also has a look out gallery and cafeteria one floor below the restaurant. This is a must for tourists as it offers a spectacular view of Trondheim and the surrounding area.

Stretching 120 metres (400 ft) into the sky, this communications tower was built by the Telecommunications Authority for modern radio and telecommunications. Next to Nidaros Cathedral, the Tyholt tower is the most visited tourist attraction in Trondheim.


Trondheim was the first city in the world with a lift specially designed for cyclists. The bicycle lift helps cyclists up the steep Brubakken hill near Gamle Bybro, almost all the way up to Kristiansten Fort.
  Trondheim is still the city where new kings receive their ceremonial blessing. Situated by the Trondheim fjord, it is surrounded by lovely forested hills, with the Nidelva river winding through the town. It has been and still is a popular pilgrimage site, an ecclesiastical centre, a regional capital, a centre for commerce and administration and last, but not least a city of education and research. The Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) has daily departures at Trondheim.


The boat trip to historical Munkholmen is a good opportunity to view Trondheim from the seaward side, while the view from Tyholt tower gives you an exquisite panorama of the city and its surroundings. This little island with a fort is situated in Trondheim harbour and served as Trondheim´s execution ground and special prison in ancient times.

Today the island is a popular recreational area, with good bathing and a popular restaurant. Open from 20 May to 3 September. Boats depart daily every hour from Ravnkloa.