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 Hønefossen Waterfall

Hønefossen located right in the center of Hønefoss and is a magnificent sight when the river floods Begna spring. The lake´s primary source is the Begna river, which discharges into Tyrifjorden at Hønefoss where the river forms the Hønefossen waterfall. Just up the waterfall is Northern park as a "green oasis" in the summer months, how many choose to take their photographs from when the waterfall roars.

The falls are currently regulated and developed with a power plant, the so-called Hønefoss II. The waterfall has a gross head of approx. 22 meters. In the south end of the bridge they removed one roof at the old power station and used the remains as the foundation for the new bridge. The sculptor Ståle Kyllingstad made ​​two conspicuous bears standing on either side of the north end of the bridge. These were installed 15 May 1952.

From ancient waterfall was a natural division between the two large farms road and hen. The waterfall has therefore gone under names like Weienfossen and Hønefossen. Probably has changed names over the years, perhaps for the farms that were the most powerful at the moment. In the 1400s and earlier, this was undoubtedly the way, as in several historical sources also referred to as "Veigin" and "Veigini."

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