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 Reiårsfossen waterfall

Reiårsfossen waterfall with an over 200 meter high waterfall, is located at the Rv 9 just south of Ose. Reiårsfossen waterfall is a part of an area of creeks and rivers that was protected by law in 1973.

Reiårsfossen got its name because one of the workmen´s son, Reiår (old spelling for Reidar) had fallen in love with a farm girl in Ose. To have her, put the farmer on condition that he should ride over the top of the falls three times. This he did, but the legend says that he would take a trip over the falls in honor of his upcoming wedding, which was the fatal consequences that both horse and Reiår fell down and died.

The Reiårsfossen waterfall has become a tourist attraction and there is a campsite at Camp Reiårsfossen on the shores of Åraksfjorden, just below the falls, where it held annual festivals and events, Ose Country Festival and a fishing festival. There is a full-year toll road to the top of the falls and further inland to the Reiårsvann lake.

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