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 Stalheimsfossen waterfall

Sivlefossen is 160 meters (780 ft) and Stalheimsfossen are 126 meters (414 ft). Stalheimsfossen waterfall is located in the village of Stalheim. The waterfall has one 126 metre tall Horsetail drop. The famous Stalheim Hotel, hairpin bends on the Stalheimskleiva, and the E16 tunnel can be seen in some of the clips.

It can be very crowded with cars and busses, with any luck you can stop at a pocket to admire the beautiful Sivlefossen. From one of the last curves you can walk a 100 meters towards Sivlefossen where you will have the best view: not recommended with children, because it can be hazardous.

The river Stalheimselvi is funneled through a small opening in a cliff before flowing out over the falls, into a bowl-shaped gorge at the bottom, ejecting a large spray of water at the bottom.

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