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 Vermafossen waterfall

Rauma river that runs through the Romsdalen valley in Møre & Romsdal and Oppland counties. It runs for 68 kilometres from the lake Lesjaskogsvatnet in Lesja to Åndalsnes. The salmon runs up to the "Slettafoss", a 16 metres high combination of waterfalls and rapids more than 42 kilometres upriver from the estuary.

Vermafossen waterfall is a sight worth seeing, you find it near Kylling Bridge, wild and beautiful scenery. The waterfall plunges 381 meters and it´s visible from the road. The Rauma river is actually all the valley floor there is and the Kylling bridge connects the sides of the valley 60 metres above the surging waters.

Verma has 150 inhabitants, and several furniture factories. Here you also find grocery shop, petrol station, school, housing for the elderly, floodlit track and great hunting- and recreational possibilities. Verma is the easternmost region of Rauma, at the border to Oppland county.

The Romsdalen valley and Rauma river are regarded as one of the most beautiful river valleys in Norway. The river runs very clear with a green tint and the mountains tower some 1,500 to 1,800 metres above the river in the lower and middle parts of the valley. The Reinheimen National Park and the Trollveggen cliff are both located along the southwestern shores of the river through Rauma.

The Romsdalsalpene mountains surround the river and the valley, including the mountains Store Trolltind, Store Venjetinden, Trollryggen, and Romsdalshornet. The Rauma Line railroad follows the river through the valley on its way north to Åndalsnes. The railroad crosses the river on the Kylling Bridge at the village of Verma.

Rauma was classified as a protected watercourse in 1992, and the only main tributary affected by hydroelectric power is the river Verma with the more than 300 metre tall Verma waterfalls. The biggest tributaries are Ulvåa and Istra. Istra runs through the Ister valley, well known for the Trollstigen road in its upper parts.

Rauma seen by many as the Norway´s most beautiful rivers. With its greenish clear waters that run down the vertical rock walls, down to the sea. When running Trollstigen down and met with the Magic Wall and see Rauma run after mountain edges, then the experience is great. To also have to wade out and put his fly at the poles in search of salmon and sea trout, so you feel privileged.

Rauma previously belonged to one of Norway´s better salmon rivers. Rauma River is the salmon live about 40 miles, then becomes the rapids of tough for the salmon. Rauma River is varying between long slow flowing stretches to lots of torrents and tough rapids. The water is greenish in color and so clear you can see almost every stone on the bottom.

In some areas, you can stand and study salmon in the water. Rauma runs through natural beauty Romsdalen which fits snugly on the river with its mighty walls of rock that sticks straight up into the sky. The nature is relatively untouched and are you looking for natural experience and salmon fishing as Rauma River is undoubtedly a very good choice. There are private stretches of the river and there is also association stretches of the river bottom.

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