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 Mollisfossen waterfall

The Mollisfossen waterfall has a fall of 269 metres, of which 140 metres is free falling. The waterfall is on the Mollešjohka river, just before this runs into the River Reisa. It is the highest waterfall in Northern Norway, and one of the most beautiful in the country.

It is so remote that few people visit it, but there are regular riverboat trips there in the summer, taking about an hour each way, plus a break at the falls while the boatman brews coffee on a camp fire beside the riverbank. The waterfall is around 4 hours walk from the end of the road at Saraelv River. The Mollisfossen waterfall marks the start of the Reisa National Park.

Reisa River, with a catchment area of 2,692 square kilometres, has a total length of 120 kilometres from the Raisjavri Lake to reaching the sea near the village of Storslett. The river weaves its way through narrow ravines within the Reisa National Park before cascading down the Imofossen waterfall and winding its journey down the beautiful Reisa Valley.

From the Imofossen waterfall, the landscape develops into a splendid, gradually widening canyon. A number of tributaries cascade from the cliff edges - the most magnificent being the Mollisfossen waterfall. The lower part of the Reisa valley is fertile agriculture and forestry land.

The valley and its river provide an amazing setting; this is one of the world´s most beautiful salmon rivers, with nearly 90 kilometres of pure angling delight in wild, untouched nature. At the same time, an angler has the chance to catch one of the largest Atlantic salmon - probably only matched by fish from the neighbouring Alta River to the north.

The Reisa River has a reputation for big salmon and whoppers are caught annually here weighing around 20 kg. So if you are looking to set a record, the Reisa River may be the right river.

Each autumn, large stocks of sea trout migrate up the river. The river has fantastic fly-fishing rapids and deep pools. Note in particular that catch statistics show that the Reisa River is one of the world´s best salmon rivers with an average weight of the 2010 season at 6.5 kg.

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