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 Målselv River

Målselv River is a very good BIG salmon river in the same class as Namsen, Reisa, Lakselv and Tana rivers. It is formed when the tributaries Divi River and Rosta River conflux, and it flows into the sea at Målsnes at the bottom of the Målselv Fjord, an inlet from the Malangen Fjord in the central part of the Troms. The total river length is 173 kilometres of which the salmon runs are about 120 kilometres, included the lower parts of the Divi and Rosta rivers.

It is a powerful river, draining an area of 6,145 square kilometres and being connected with a number of lakes near the Swedish border and sizeable tributaries throughout the Målselv valley. The annual median water-flow at its mouth is 170 cubic metres/second. Just before the confluence with the tributary, Bardu River, the river forms the Målselv Falls a 600 metres long rapids with a 25 metres fall. It is voted Norway´s national waterfall and is a magnificent sight when in full flow.

Along the Målselv Falls, a salmon ladder was built during 1909/10, making the upper river very attractive for fly-fishing enthusiasts as well as an important part for spawning and nursery for fry and parr. The river is listed as one of Norway´s national salmon rivers, given special protection.The salmon fishing season on the Målselv River is from 15 June til 31 August but on the lower part of the river. Sea trout fishing on the lower stretches ends 14 September.

The river is divided into two major fishing stretches, the lower and the upper. Included in the lower part is the Malang Falls pool with corporate lease arrangement. The approx. one kilometre fishing stretch below this pool to the confluence with the Bardu River, is open to the public and based on day permits for the time being.

The fishing on the upper part of the river is a total of around 65 kilometres classic fly-fishing waters, with a large number of pools on private waters. These stretches are well suited for traditional or modern casting techniques and the wading conditions are normally very good.

The upper part of the river, particularly the Divi River tributary is specially monitored re spawning and fry and parr. The river is still maintaining its good position on the "best river" league table in Norway.

As with more and more rivers in Norway, the Målselv River Trust encourages and supports a strict quota system throughout the season as well as catch-and-release of large hen fish. Any angler can take home smaller fish "for the pot" but if so, fishing has to stop for the day to restart the following day.

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