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Aass Brewery is Norway´s oldest brewery. Founded in 1834 in Drammen, the brewery´s primary products are beer and aquavit. The company also produce a wide range of soft drinks. Aass is also co-owner of the Norwegian brand "Solo". Solo was established way back in 1934, and has been a frequent companion through many Norwegians´ youth and daily life, and it still is. Solo is owned by four breweries: Ringnes, Aass Bryggeri, Mack and Oskar Sylte Mineralvannsfabrikk.

Originally a company dealing in timber, groceries, baking and brewing, the brewery was bought by farmer´s son Poul Lauritz Aass in the 1860s. The brewery is still owned by the Aass family, which makes it one of Norway"s few remaining independent breweries. As an independent, it has built up a reputation for high quality products and tasty beers, brewing strictly according to the German Purity Law. Beer is part of the Norwegians´ heritage, and the beer has undoubtedly played a crucial role in Norway´s history. In this section we want to teach how to treat beer and beer glasses, talk about the beer´s history and show how many types of beer and ales found around the world. We also want to view how the beer is brewed, and finally explain the many opportunities that exist when it comes to using beer as an ingredient to food.

Today Aass Brewery is a modern industrial company with deep roots in the old beer brewing traditions. Culture is an integral part of our identity and we see it as our task to raise the status of beer in Norway. Drammensølets venner (the Friends of the Beer from Drammen) is an association that supports the brewery, arranging various events and publishing a newsletter about 4 times a year. It is the world´s 2nd largest such association, currently boasting about 35,000 members.

The Aass beer was ridiculed on the Late Show with "David Letterman" because of the name´s similarity with the English word ass. (Biff Henderson said something to the effect of "I´m not drinking that!").

The Aass Brewery company started as a trading company in Drammen in 1834, and delivered, among other things, lumber and shipping supplies, bakery and ran a small brewery and sold grain and malt to the local brewers. The brewery had no packaging and therefore so-called pot beer was sold to residents who took their own bins, buckets etc. (1 pot = 0.96 liters).

Poul Lauritz Aass worked at Hassel Ironworks before he was 16 years old. In 1852, he left home and went to Drammen for the "pursuit of happiness". In 1860 together with a friend bought the small company with bakery, business, trade and shipping interests, the brewery and all. The two friends separated, and LAURITZ was left, 30 years old, with a pile of debris but masses of enthusiasm. This was the real start of the company we now know as Aass Brewery. The company was built up again and already the following year, in 1867, the operation was in full swing.

Lauritz died in 1904, and the company was divided equally among his nine children. This was the beginning of the stock-company P. LTZ. AASSs Brewery, which has been in family ownership from this time and is still operated by the family´s fourth generation.

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