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 The Fjords

Norway is a pure region with dominated by beautiful fjords, rivers, mountains, and untouched nature. Fjords are common along the coasts of Norway. Their typical configuration is a long, narrow, deep and steep-sided inlet, wich is fequentely branched and sinuous, or in part remarkably straight, wherer firstly the fluvial drainage and subsequentely the glaciers have followed major fracture zones.

Bergen, is Fjord-Norway´s capital surrounded by seven mountains, and the Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord is perhaps the world´s most famous fjords whether or not it is the most beautiful is something you must decide for yourself. The wildest and most beautiful branch of the Sognefjord. Fjord cruises in unique setting, with sheer, snow-topped mountains, waterfalls and idyllic farms clinging to the mountainsides. The Nærøyfjord is 17 km long and the narrowest point is only 250 metres wide. The passage through Nærøyfjord is one of the most dramatic fjord trips in Europe.

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