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A few minute´s drive south of Larvik lies the the happy little summer town of Stavern, a pearl full of life and laughter the whole season. Stavern´s geographical position results in a staggering average of 200 sunny days per year and it is suprisingly hot during the summer. Unusually long spring and summer months offer a natural attraction for a country more used to long winter months, especially when blue skies meet the sea in an uninterrupted horizon.

Stavern has developed into a centre for the arts and galleries and exhibitions are to be found on every corner as the town´s inhibitants swell three-fold in summer. Norway´s smallest town, was home to many of Norway´s most known and celebrated artist including Herman Wildenvey and Jonas Lie.

Summer time bubbles with life in "Norway´s Smile", which Wildenvey dubbed the town. "Happy Days" is an arrangement with a multivarious programme. There are light entertainments, theatre and concerts dedicated to the honour and happiness of the thousands of boating and motoring tourists who stop off for a time in summer Stavern. Arriving from the sea you will see the pyramid shaped Minnehallen, our national war memorial to fallen Norwegian seamen, a landmark you can look out for. The coastal path passes small fishing villages such as Nevlunghavn and Helgeroa.

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