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 Låtefossen waterfall

Låtefossen waterfall has a free fall of 165 metres. Famous "twin" waterfall, join together in the middle of the waterfall, just before going under the Riksvei 13 (Rv13), making for a spectacular view as one drives over the old, stone, six-arched bridge.

Låtefoss waterfall is the king among our waterfalls and an internationally famous attraction. At the southern end of the waterfall, you might follow the path leading to where the hotel was previously Iying. Today you only observe the ruine of the hotel estate.

In Oddadalen valley the waterfalls are lined up like pearls on a string within a radius of only a few kilometres. The waterfalls are: Tjørnadalsfoss, Strandfoss, Vidfoss, Espelandsfoss and Låtefossen. Oddadalen offers excellent hiking in magnificent terrain.

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