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 Langfossen waterfall

Langfossen waterfall is a waterfall located in the municipality of Etne in Vaulaelva river. Langfossen waterfall total fall is around 612 meters, where it leaps out into Åkrafjorden. The waterfall is the fifth highest waterfall in Norway. Picnic area, kiosk, toilets.

Åkrafjorden (or Åkerfjorden) is a fjord arm to Skånevikfjorden in Kvinnherad and Etne. Large parts of the fjord follows the municipal boundary between these two municipalities. The inlet to the bay located between Vannes, just north of Skånevik and Krabban at the entrance of Matersfjorden, which contains further up the north-east. Åkrafjorden is 32 km long and 650 meters at its deepest and Rv11 runs on the south side of the fjord.

Endafjellet mountains rising almost straight up to a height of 827 meters above sea level. The highest mountain by the fjord is Alvdalsnuten on the north side between Åkra and Eikemo. The mountain has an elevation of 1.243 meters above sea level, but not as steep climb up from the fjord to the mountains further up the fjord.

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