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Larvik is many sided. A summer holiday in Larvik beats a trip to the South any time. Larvik, town of the open Fjord which embraces it´s small harbours, an area which simply seethes with summer life, whilst leaving room for stillness and dreams.

Dry docks, Galleiskurene

In 1750 King Fredrik V commissioned the construction of Fredriksvern Verft, which would be Norways premier naval base and largest naval port.

"Dry docks" (Galleiskurene) were built 1766–67. A total of 10 dry docks were built, of which five remain. By the beach you will find a large rock building. This is known locally as "The Powder House" (Krutthuset), and was built 1774–79 and used as a store for the Norwegian / Danish skerry fleet which was then based at nearby Fredriksvern.

This setting became the basis of Jonas Lie famous novel.

 Bjørn O. Hansen