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Larvik is many sided. A summer holiday in Larvik beats a trip to the South any time. Larvik, town of the open Fjord which embraces it´s small harbours, an area which simply seethes with summer life, whilst leaving room for stillness and dreams.

 Commander´s Residence  
The Rememberance Hall

In 1750 King Fredrik V commissioned the construction of Fredriksvern Verft, which would be Norways premier naval base and largest naval port.

The Commander´s Residence was completed in December 1751. The main building has two wings. The first officer to call it home was Commander Herbst. He was also responsible for much of the layout of the naval base.

As a youth, Jonas Lie was a naval cadet in Stavern and lived in the naval barracks. This setting became the basis of his famous novel.

 Bjørn O. Hansen